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Stage 1:

Life at Speranza

month 1

Stage 1 focuses on adjusting to life at Speranza House. This stage will include meeting our caring staff, learning about our rules, and meeting new friends.

Stage 2:

Job Readiness & Life Skills

month 2

Stage 2 deals mostly with preparing women to enter the workforce, as well as skills needed for everyday life. This stage prepares women for both stage 3 and the rest of their lives, as they develop into productive citizens of our community.

Stage 3:

Joining the Workforce

month 3

Stage 3 is a huge step for the ladies at Speranza House. This is where they are expected to get a job in the community, which will enable them to support themselves and to learn responsibility.

Stage 4:

Growing in Recovery

month 4

It is in Stage 4 that our ladies have the opportunity to grow further in their newfound lifestyle of recovery. This stage includes many of the same recovery tactics used in the first three stages, but offers more responsibility. In addition, mothers with visitation rights to their children will be able to introduce them to the house through scheduled weekend visitations.

Stage 5:

The Rest of Your Life

beginning month 5 

Stage 5 is the final stage of our program. Women who are in the fifth stage have exhibited exponential growth and are ready to take on the world as productive, driven, and sober citizens in our community. Stage 5 offers the most responsibility. These final months of the program truly do complete the preparation process, as our ladies prepare to immerse themselves back into our community and life outside the House. 

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