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Our Program

Our program here at Speranza House provides our residents with the knowledge and skills they need to take control of their lives and take the next steps on their recovery journey. We offer intensive residential care, followed by Aftercare, to help residents accomplish their recovery goals.


Phase 1

Starting Life at Speranza

Phase 1 is designed to acclimate new residents to Speranza House, explore emotions that accompany the first weeks in recovery, and help them become motivated to recover and live a happy, productive life free from drugs and alcohol. It is highly structured and tailored to each resident with evidence-based program material.

Phase 2

Early Recovery

Phase 2 of our program allows the residents to transition from the initial phase to becoming more active in their recovery journey. They start the process of learning tools and coping skills to be successful in leading a clean, sober life.


Phase 3

Growth in Recovery

Phase 3 empowers the residents to grow in sobriety, independence, and responsibility. While the environment is still highly structured for growth and accountability, the residents will be able to make more decisions on their own. Employment also begins in this phase!

Phase 4

Transition in Recovery

Phase 4 requires the residents to continue balancing recovery, family, work, and life. They should continually show more signs of growth and personal accountability. In this phase, residents should be developing healthy habits while practicing coping skills to lead a successful life in recovery.


Phase 5

Sober Living

Phase 5 focuses on continuing to gain independence while preparing for life after Speranza House. The residents will develop a relapse prevention plan and an exit plan before completing this phase. They will continue to build their recovery network through self-help meetings, working with their sponsor, service work, and reaching out to others in recovery.


Life After Speranza

At this point, the residents have completed the residential portion of our program. Our dedicated Aftercare program lasts 90 days and involves ongoing support through weekly check-ins with the goal of addressing possible challenges and triggers that may arise. This portion of the program serves as an extra layer of support to help residents transition into their new life outside of Speranza, while remaining committed to their recovery journey.

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