Speranza House offers a nurturing, sober, home-like recovery environment to encourage and offer hope to women.

Americans are dying due to drug abuse more frequently than ever before, in part because only one in ten people with substance abuse problems receives the help he/she needs. Our goal at Speranza House is to end the cycle of destruction that addiction has imposed on these women and their families. We want to be able to provide opportunities for them to acquire the tools needed to become caring, nurturing mothers, as well as productive citizens within the community.


a house of hope.

Speranza House is 501(c)(3) Public Charity and a recovery home located in Greensburg, Indiana. It is open to women ages 18 and older, who are not registered sex offenders and who do not have a violent background. It is for women who are serious about their sobriety and recovery. The House offers a structured 12-month program, which includes individual and group counseling including, but not limited to the following areas: training on life skills, job readiness, financial literacy, parenting classes, healthy relationships, 12 Steps programming, nutritional planning, time management, money management, and stress management.

  • Heroin use in women increase by 100% from 2002 to 2013.

  • Out of the 6.6 million Hoosiers, 660,000 suffer from abuse issues.

  • 10% of Indiana's population could benefit from recovery residences.

  • Although 66,000 percent could benefit from recovery homes, there are only 1,700 beds available to those in need in Indiana.

  • Of Indiana's 92 counties, 67 do not offer any type of recovery home program.

  • Decatur County Memorial Hospital reported that 25% of the women admitted to the hospital in 2017 in active labor tested positive for illegal drugs in their bloodstreams.


Recovery housing has been known to:​​

  • Decrease substance use.

  • Decrease incarceration rate.

  • Increase family and social functioning.

  • Improve psychological and emotional well-being.

  • Increase quality of life measures.

  • Increase income.


Speranza House is a faith-based, nonprofit organization located in Greensburg, Indiana. Our mission is to provide a nurturing, sober, home-like environment for women struggling with addiction.

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